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Ceramic Vs. Infrared Heaters

During the cold days of winter when temperatures suddenly drop, most homeowners are looking for affordable ways to stay warm and comfortable. Some prefer investing in infrared heaters, while others favor durability and opt for ceramic heater. If you are trying to find out which is the best infrared heater unit, make sure to read the following article. We will shows you some of the pros and cons of ceramic and infrared heaters, so that you can choose the most convenient type of heater.

Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters have a simple concept: they emit long-wave infrared radiation which gets to a nearby object and transforms the radiation emitted into heat. Here are some of the main advantages and drawbacks of owning an infrared heater.


  • Energy efficient
    Most of the infrared heaters available on the market are very energy efficient, so if you are planning to use the device for the entire day, you won’t have to worry about raising your energy bills.
  • IR heaters rapidly reach high temperatures
    Another main advantage of owning an infrared heater is the fact that they heat very fast. Compared to ceramic heaters, infrared heater are better at focused heating so they don’t take too much to heat a surface.
  • Very silent
    Because they have no moving parts, infrared heaters are easy to maintain but above all, these devices are very silent. Even if you choose to leave the infrared heater on throughout the night, it won’t disrupt your sleep, because it’s so quiet that you won’t hear even during the day.



  • Radiating heat is stopped when you turn of the device
    One of the disadvantages of owning an infrared heater is the fact that the moment you choose to turn off your heater, the radiating heat is suddenly stopped, so the room might lose heat very fast.
  • Limited warming
    Radiant heat can not travel in multiple lines, so these types of heaters are not as efficient at warming an entire room.

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters are heavy appliances that are capable of warming an entire room by providing a long wave infrared radiation. These types of heaters function differently than the infrared heaters.


  • Durability

When it comes to choosing a heater for your family needs, you might want to consider opting for a device that is made of high quality materials. The ceramic heater is the best choice in this case. Furthermore, ceramic heaters are heavy so there’s a small change of tipping over.

  • Oscilation

Compared to infrared heaters, the ceramic heater emits heats that travel on air currents, so it’s highly capable of warming an entire room, including yourself. The heat is dispersed more quickly and also more evenly.


  • Costs
    Ceramic heaters are more expensive than infrared heaters, so if cost is an issue for you, you might want to opt for an electric heater.

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