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Potential Dangers of Massage Chairs

While enjoying a relaxing massage on a great massage chair, you can’t possibly think of any bad thing that could happen to you. Still, you must know that there are some potential dangers hidden in these magical items that can relax your body and take your pain away, so you should be careful when you choose one and while you handle it.

Improper use risks

Keep in mind that a massage chair is only designed for giving a massage, it’s not a sleeping bed nor something you can climb in order to reach a high object. Not using the massage chair according to the instruction may cause it to collapse and hurt you, so avoid improper use.

Collapsing risks

Although they are designed as strong and sturdy items, massage chairs can always collapse after prolonged use, especially if it has suffered any type of repairs. If you are going to a massage therapist, ask them if the chair has been under repairs lately and if you have the chair at home, make sure you get a professional to look at it if it stops working.

Overweight risks

Most massage chairs have a solid construction that allows them to hold even those who weigh a few extra pounds, but there are models that are designed for a particular weight limit. If you are using a chair that only works for a certain weight, make sure you don’t overburden it, otherwise, you might break it and get hurt. Overloading the massage chair can cause it to work improperly and it could hurt your muscles.

Lowering blood pressure risks

Many people use the massage chair to lower their blood pressure with the intense movements it applies to the body. However, this benefit could turn into a danger if you already have a low blood pressure, so make sure you consult a physician before using a massage chair. Lowering the blood pressure too much could result in a stroke.

Blood clotting risks

Massage chairs can become a potential danger for those who have problems with the blood coagulation or who suffer bruises easily. The harsh movements of kneading and tapping of the massage chair can lead to bruising and could tender the muscles, so you should avoid using it if you have any type of problem with your blood clotting and coagulating.

Electrical field risks

Considering that massage chairs work on electricity, they could become a potential danger for those with heart conditions that have implied a pacemaker. If the person using the massage chair has such a device fitted in their body, chances are the electric field of the chair will interfere with the proper functioning of the pacemaker. This is why it’s best to consult with the doctor before using a massage chair.

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