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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Lawn Mowers

A lawn is without a doubt very beautiful, but only when it is very good maintained. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to choose the right machine, and therefore, their lawn doesn’t look very nice. SO, before you buy the¬†finest petrol lawn mower in 2016, you might want to do some research first and see whether or not this type of mower is suitable for your lawn. For a better understanding of these devices, have a look at the following pros and cons of different types of lawn mowers.

Electric mowers

Pros: The best thing about these devices is that they are environmentally friendly, due to the fact that they don’t use gas to operate, and therefore, there are no pollutants. They are very easy to use and very efficient. You will actually enjoy mowing your lawn, instead of feeling exhausting. Moreover, they are also silent and reasonably priced. Due to the fact that an electric push mower is quite affordable and durable, it is a great deal for many of us.
Cons: Tough weeds cannot be cut with this type of machine. You will also need to use it once a week, because if the grass gets too tall, the blades will push it over, instead of cutting it.

Reel mowers

Pros: They are very easy to use and store due to their light weight. Furthermore, many consumers appreciate the fact that they have a silent operation as well, which means that you can use them whenever you’d like without disturbing your family or your neighbors. A device like this requires low maintenance, which is perfect. Due to the fact that a reel mower doesn’t blow debris or dirt around your yard, it is definitely cleaner.
Cons: Reel mowers are not recommended for large lawns, but they are perfect for the small ones. You will probably feel a bit tired after using it, and another drawback would be that it will also take you longer to finish the job.

Riding mowers

Pros: A riding mower is a perfect machine for a huge lawn. Besides the fact that you will only need to ride it in order to obtain the desired result, you will also obtain fantastic results. You will obtain a clean and even cut, with an aesthetic appeal. Your lawn will look absolutely incredible. Moreover, while you run it, you will feel extremely comfortable, and you will also find very easy to maneuver the device.
Cons: A riding mower is a very expensive device. This is quite a big disadvantage for many people, but if we think about the fact that it is very durable, then it certainly worth the investment.

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