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Pros and Cons of Electric and Gas Dryers

Having a dryer is mandatory in the crazy times that we live in, where everything must be done fast.
These days, instead of going the old fashion way and hanging your clothes to dry, it’s better to invest in a dryer and you’ll be able to wear your clothes only a couple of hours after you have washed them.
But there’s only one problem with choosing the perfect dryer, and that problem is that you have two types to choose from, electric and gas. Instead of going to the store to buy one without knowing everything there is to know about these two types of dryers, read the following lines to find out all their pros and cons, making a choice only after you are well informed about them.

Pros and cons of electric dryers

The best part about buying an electric dryer is that you can place it practically anywhere you want, because all it needs to run is to be plugged in. In addition, the electric dryers cost less than gas dryers, and there is a wide variety of models for you to choose from, giving you a lot of options.
When it comes to cons, electric dryers unfortunately rate poorly in energy efficiency, a lot of energy being lost in the process of heating the electric coil. Also, electric dryers generally take twice as much time to dry the laundry than gas dryers do, and electricity consumption is priced higher than gas consumption as well.

Pros and cons of gas dryers

The main advantage of owning a gas dryer is that it costs less to run, gas being cheaper to consume than electricity. Other important pros of gas dryers are that their burners heat up instantly, consuming a lot less energy than the electric dryers because of this reason, they have a shorter drying cycle, almost twice as short to be more precise, and they are easier on the fabrics when they dry them, prolonging the life of your clothes.
The cons of gas dryers are that they cost more than electric dryers, they have a smaller range of designs, to run one there has to be a gas infrastructure in your neighborhood, you have to buy special fillings and burners when you install it, and when it’s time to do maintenance check-ups you have to call a specialist, which means that you have to periodically pay someone to check on it.

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