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Single Vs. Dual Stage Snow Blowers – Which is the Better Choice?

Knowing the difference between a single stage and a dual stage snow blower can significantly help you find the best model that will suit your needs. We all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to remove heavy and deep snow from a yard or pathway, so today we will help you find the best type of snow blower that will help you get rid of snow effortless. Here are some fact regarding snow blower models that you should pay attention to.

Single stage snow blower advantages

  • Less expensive
    Single stage blowers include several advantages that you should take into consideration, and the fact that they are very affordable is the number one benefit of having one in your home. Compared to dual stage snow blowers which are far more costly, single stage snow blowers represent an accessible option for almost anyone, regardless of their budget. It’s also more recommended to invest in a single stage snow blower if you have a small garden or if you are planning to use the device not so often. Online you can find a lot of affordable, yet surprisingly efficient snow blowers, reviewed in detail based on their main features. You can use these reviews in order to see your options and choose the most convenient snow thrower.
  • Single stage models are easier to use
    Another main advantage of opting for a single stage snow blower is that because they don’t come with an array of features, they are easier to use than the dual stage snow blowers. So, if you are looking for a snow blower that is easy to handle and maintain, a single stage model can be a great option. Dual stage snow blowers are very robust and heavy, so if you’re dealing with back pains or a minor mobility impairment it’s best to avoid these models and opt for a more light-weighted model.

Dual stage snow blowers advantages

  • They can handle deep snow
    If you are looking for a way to get rid of snow from your wide and spacious garden or patio, then you would definitely want to opt for a dual stage snow blower. This type of snow blower is far more effective at handling deep snow and even ice, than an electric single stage snow blower. Compared to other types, two-stage snow blower can throw snow farther, so they can help you get a job done within a short period of time.
  • They are available in different sizes
    An important fact that you must know regarding dual stage snow blowers is the fact that they come in many quality levels and sizes so you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a single type of snow blower. Some dual stage models have a more powerful engine than others and are also more robust and obviously more expensive than some models, so when it comes to choosing a specific model, make sure to do some research and check the size and features of the model in question.

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